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Social Contribution Activities

Beautiful Circulation
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sharing

‘Talent Donation Concert’ Along with HK

'Happy tree' is a non-profit corporation that was founded by domestic and overseas musicians to raise funds through their musical talents and to support scholarship for those children in shelters such as group home and nursery school. Since 2012, it has held annual charity classic concert ‘Talent Donation Concert’ in sejong center for the performing arts or seoul arts center in fall, and HK is a sole sponsor for this meaningful event. This annual occasion has settled down as a pleasant event where HK executives and staff members, and their families as well as the public are invited and enjoy culture and atmosphere of an autumn night.

Activities as Full-Time Member of Korean Business Council for The Arts

‘Mecenat’ means an activity that a company contributes cultural and art support to a society and to national competitiveness. HK joined Korean business council for the arts as full-time member in 2013, and has since supported the underprivileged emotionally and made cultural contributions as a corporate, including cultural and art education for children in low income families.

Sponsoring Scholarship Foundation for Institutional Children

Since 2008, HK has sponsored university scholarship for institutional children in concert with ‘happy tree plus scholarship foundation’. Those students who grew dreams soundly are now HK’s members and are realizing ‘beautiful circulation’ that HK aims for.

Sponsoring Group Homes (‘Nasum House’ and ‘Dream Nest’) Under Korea Self-Support Dream Association

Group home is a small-size child shelter that provides a residential environment like a home and protection and rearing service to children who need protection due to family breakdown, neglect, abuse, poverty, abandonment. HK regularly sponsors these children so that they can naturally build personal relationship with others and thus it helps them grow to a sound member of future society.

Sponsoring ‘Serotonin Drum Club’, Which Belongs to a Local Middle School.

To contribute to a local community, HK sponsors ‘drum club serotonin’ of yanggam middle school. ‘drum club serotonin’ is a cultural program aiming to provide music instruments to a middle school for free and help adolescents refine their emotions with playing percussions like nanta, which are to reduce school violence.

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